Winifred Knights
 Winifred Knights’ Works: all drawings paintings
photos portraits of Winifred Knights by other artists

Full-length female nude, rear view

A Scene in a Village Street with Mill-hands Conversing

Study of a haystack

Landscape at Roydon, Essex

Mabel Knights seated in a hayfield

Landscape at Roydon, Essex

Life Study, Eileen Knights

Portrait of Anna Matilda Fryer

The Deluge

Study of trees at Roydon, Essex

Italian Landscape

The Fountain of Ovate, VIlla d'Este, Tivoli

A View to the East from the British School at Rome

Coastal View, Beer, Devon

Study for Jairus' Daughter

Compositional study for Pompilia


The Marriage at Cana

Edge of Abruzzi; boat with three people on a lake

Study of a female head for The Santissima Trinita

The Santissima Trinita

Scenes from the Life of Saint Martin of Tours

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