Winifred Knights
 Winifred Knights’ Works: all drawings paintings
photos portraits of Winifred Knights by other artists

A Scene in a Village Street with Mill-hands Conversing

Full-length female nude, rear view

Landscape at Roydon, Essex

Study of a haystack

Study of trees at Roydon, Essex

The Deluge

Mabel Knights seated in a hayfield

Landscape at Roydon, Essex

Life Study, Eileen Knights

Portrait of Anna Matilda Fryer

Study for Jairus' Daughter

Coastal View, Beer, Devon

The Fountain of Ovate, VIlla d'Este, Tivoli

A View to the East from the British School at Rome

Italian Landscape

Compositional study for Pompilia


The Marriage at Cana

Study of a female head for The Santissima Trinita

Edge of Abruzzi; boat with three people on a lake

The Santissima Trinita

Scenes from the Life of Saint Martin of Tours

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